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 Rules and Points

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PostSubject: Rules and Points   Rules and Points I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 31, 2008 6:12 pm

Welcome to Dawn of Twilight -- Here will be explained the rules of the linkshell.

Rule #1: Please be respectful to fellow linkshell members.
Rule #2: No drama with another linkshell or within the linkshell.
Rule #3: Free lot on Artifact item upgrades (Must have the job 72+)
Rule #4: Coins will be distributed evenly to members
Rule #5: There's a silent bid system - Bids will be (/tell) to alotted leaders - 10 minutes before Omega / Ultima run.
Rule #6: Trial members will be started at a negative point system starting at -30 points. This is to rule out people who really want to do Limbus.

Limbus Gather Run Times: Tuesday 6 p.m. & Saturday 5 p.m. EST

Point System:
1 Point for being early
1 Point for losing zone
2 Points for losing Proto-Omega or Proto-Ultima
2 Points for winning zone
3 Points for defeating Proto-Omega or Proto-Ultima

There is no Job Priorities for Homam / Nashira

Loss of Points
You will lose points IF you do not show up to events without pre-warnings. After 3 day misses you will lose points.

Points for Homam / Nashira equipment:
10 Points - Omega's Eye (Head)
40 Points - Omega's Foreleg (Hands)
30 Points - Omega's Tail (Feet)
40 Points - Omega's Hind Legs (Pants)
50 Points - Omega's Heart (Body)

10 Points - Ultima's Heart (Body)
15 Points - Ultima's Claw (Hands)
20 Points - Ultima's Legs (Pants)
30 Points - Ultima's Tail (Feet)
40 Points - Ultima's Cerebrum (Head)
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Rules and Points
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